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About Us

Amplify Organic is a boutique market development agency, focused on supporting the growth of Certified Organic brands. Our team of professionals across Canada work to grow your brand in Health Food Retail and Grocery. From sales representation to distributor negotiations to building brand awareness with consumers and retailers, Amplify Organic can assist you in realizing your market potential.

Sales & Personality
Market Expertise

Taking your brand to higher heights, we use a range of strategies to get your products front and center in the market.

Opportunities don't create themselves.

Sales Force

  • Representing you in person
  • Managing Sales Cycles
  • Develop Scaling strategy
  • Build retail growth plan.

Brand Representation

  • Consumer and Industry Show planning
  • Event/Show Implementation
  • Develop Retail Sampling
  • Material Development.

Creating a Brand Experience

  • Increase awareness
  • Differentiate from competitor brands
  • Gain Unique Exposure
  • Create a strong consumer connections.

To ensure that your organization has the people power to grow, we customize a work force to represent your brand.

A solid foundation is the key to exponential growth.

Brand Representation

  • Merchandising
  • Incentive and Promotional Tracking
  • Product Education
  • Product Demonstrations.

Connecting with Buyers

  • Account Management
  • Retail Support
  • Line Expansion

Building on Awareness

  • Public Relations
  • Social Media Implementation
  • Ad planning
  • Promotional Offer Planning
Member, Canadian Organic Trade Association